Questionmark OnDemand
 : Feb 19 2020 |
 : tryitout


Please read the following instructions carefully. Use the scroll bar to read all the instructions. The exam does not begin until you click Continue at the end of this introduction.

Navigation in the Exam

Start Exam: By choosing the Continue button (bottom, right of this introduction), you close the introduction and start the exam. The exam timer begins as soon as the exam question appears on your screen.
Continue button

Navigate Questions: The Previous Question and Next Question buttons allow you to navigate back and forth, one question at a time. If you click the Assessment Navigator button, it will open the question Navigator dialog. You can scroll up and down the navigator dialog. If you click on a number in the navigator dialog,it is highlighted in white and will display the exam question corresponding to that number.

Finish Exam: By choosing the Submit button at the bottom, right of the screen, you can end the exam before completing it or you can submit your completed exam.
Submit Exam